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January: Tommy & The Rocky Horror Picture Show

An occasional Report Night comer, Hannah, was recently nominated for a Zoni (the AZ equivalent to a Tony) for her role in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  This was probably why the topic came to mind in our white elephant topic exchange last month, and Tommy was the lucky recipient.

Tommy was the perfect man for the job, because he was one of the few in the room who had ever been to a midnight showing! Rocky Horror is the longest running movie in theaters because of the midnight showings that occur in much of the world. Apparently Rocky Horror is by no means the pioneer of midnight movie culture–wherein the audience participation takes precedence over the actual film. (There’s definitely no “shhhing” at a midnight showing.) Staying true to those cultural norms, Rocky Horror viewers show up in costume, bring props, shout at the screen when the time is right, and naturally, dance the Time Warp. 

Tommy’s report was filled with quirky facts and history, but the real action came when he insisted we all learn to dance The Time Warp.  And just to ensure no one can forget this moment (even if they want to), I took photos.

...bring your knees in tight, it's the pelvic thrust that drives you insane...

(Fun Fact: When Tommy went to see Rocky Horror, he dressed up as Brad. )


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February: John, as told by a (talented and good-looking) guest blogger

John White dazzled us with brilliance while the Supreme Court baffled us with bullshit.  John’s report was on the anatomy of a United States Supreme Court opinion.  Specifically United v. Federal Election Commission in which our betters on the bench decided that 135 years of case law do not really apply today and that we are actually better off when corporations are free to spend unfettered amounts of cash to influence elections at every level.  He told us how the court found that the plaintiff’s had standing, the court ignored stare decicis, and refused to decide the case on narrow grounds.  Rather, the Court found that corporations are actually people with First Amendment rights.  This would raise an interesting question for Aquinas who reasoned that animals have no souls – Can a corporation attain salvation?  Answer – Only in America.

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