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June: Lariate & Sock Monkeys

Aren’t sock monkeys adorable?  That’s what we thought when Lariate brought her son’s toy as her visual aid.  But before I go on, there’s something you need to know.

June’s Report Night was not at the White House.  The White’s were out-of-town, so everyone hopped on over to our family pad.  But unlike the White’s, we don’t have the ability (or at least the know-how) to connect our laptop to our tv screen.  So we declared June Low Tech Report Night.  This is where Lariate’s mad teaching skills came in.

Using her sons’ easel and giant roll of paper, she taught us the history of the sock monkey the “old school” way.  Red Heel socks were standard workman’s socks for years, and during the Depression mothers began sewing toys for their children using Dad’s old socks.  When Nelson Knitting Mills got wind of this, they soon bought the copyright to the monkey pattern and began including it with each pair of their Red Heel socks.  Lariate’s report was complete with the pattern, but we saved the sewing for our own time.


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