February: Mike & Entertainment Comics

Mike opened the night with his best report as of yet: the history of Entertainment Comics.  It was extremely fascinating and equally off-color.  (Let’s just say that “gay” is not the only word that has changed meaning in the last 50 years.)  It was a juicily controversial topic, as well, since the E.C. saga is intertwined with censorship woes.  When the Jewish community celebrates Purim they hiss and boo at the mention of  Haman’s name in the story of Esther.  Likewise, hissing and booing ensued at the mention of Fredric Wertham’s name, the real-life villain of the E.C. adventure.  But when the door closed on E.C., creative genius William Gaines found his open window by creating Mad Magazine. 

For a particularly piquing  E.C. story, read about the last panel of the last Entertainment Comic here.


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