December: Lariate

This was (very pregnant) Lariate’s second report, and I now have a new appreciation for the Christmas carol O Holy Night.  We learned the origins of the song began with a French poem entitled “Midnight Christians” which Unitarian minister John Sullivan Dwight later paired with music in 1855.  However it wasn’t until 1906 that a Canadian inventor played the tune on an AM radio program with his violin, making the song the popular carol it remains today.  Lariate also shared the most popular renditions of the tune, with Celine Dion’s rating number one.  (Apparently so many famous musicians have covered O Holy Night that she gave up keeping track!)  Set to power point and including a video clip of David Archuleta, Lariate may have been the only person who kept her report to five minutes.  (Amazing.) 

Our family drove to spend Christmas in my in-law’s cabin up north.  When the kids and Mike were busy in the back of the van, I drove and sang O Holy Night over and over, eventually just speaking the lyrics and reflecting on every word.  Report Night is such a gift in that way.  Thanks Lariate!


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