December: Mike

George Lucas was once quoted as saying, “If I had a lot of time and a sledgehammer…” he would destroy all copies of the following: The Star Wars Holiday Special.   So to the chagrin of George Lucas, Mike was sure to enlighten us on the 1978 disaster.  Including all original cast members (seriously, Harrison Ford and James Earl Jones), the special aired only once and was never put to video or dvd.  Following in the footsteps of the decade’s variety shows, it included various acts and special guest stars.  (Bea Arthur, anyone?)

31 years later you are still able to “enjoy” The Star Wars Holiday Special because of the few who recorded the 1978 airing on their camcorder, and have now included it on YouTube.  And to really turn up the nonsensical volume, you can also Google the audio comments of Mystery Science Theater 3000 to play in sync with the video.   But until you choose to set aside those two hours of laughter and geekish sentimentality, please enjoy this shorter taste:


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