Christmas Report Night

Before we get into the specifics, rules changed on Saturday in keeping with the Christmas spirit.  Everyone brought a Christmas goodie to share, had a holiday-themed report topic, and exchanged topics written on pieces of paper for a White Elephant gift.  After the topic exchange, we all twisted our metaphorical mustaches and assigned topics to four regular reporters who weren’t in attendance.  Next month we will look forward to hearing the properly researched products of the following (in addition to everyone else):

Tracey: The History of Nike

Tommy: Hidden Messages in Nintendo Games

Savannah: Never-nudes and Other Clothing Phobias

Ross: Manmilk: Mammary Glands in Male Mammals

(Needless to say, much giggling ensued over Ross’s topic.)

Without further ado….the topics!



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2 responses to “Christmas Report Night

  1. Savannah


  2. codyvw

    I love the white elephant topic idea. There being “consequences” for not attending is fantastic. You guys are really getting creative with this.

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