November: Tonya

Last but not least was our token nutritionist, Tonya.   True to her expertise, she soberly exposed the manipulative tactics found in food labeling.  Whole grain?  Think again.  Zero trans fat?  Be on the lookout for even more damaging fats.  No artificial flavors?  Beware of artificial colors, which are worse.  To make matters worse, even the ingredients list on food labels isn’t accurately assessed.  It seemed there was no hope in sight!  Why not just drink a cocktail of motor oil and red dye #40?

But Tonya ended the interesting presentation with a practical tip and the antidote to motor-oil-drinking-hopelessness:

1. Buy foods with small ingredient lists to reduce artificial ingredients and excessive oils.

2. Don’t worry too much about it because the stress will kill you before the food additives will.


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