November: Dhondi

This was Dhondi’s second report night, and both of his reports did not fail to impress.  Dhondi is a computer guy.  Your friendly author here is not. I am so bored by technology talk.  Yet both times Dhondi has shared I have been fully interested!  This is no small feat, I assure you.  His recent topic was how the internet is beginning to move outdoors, so to speak.  Let me share with you his first example:

Microsoft Surface

The next amazing example, was a device that works as follows: Hooked up to a wireless internet device  is a camera on your person.  In addition a projector is also on your person, and wherever you walk in the world, the camera “reads” and then projects helpful information.  Dhondi’s example: Say you were in an art gallery, viewing a beautiful Marc Chagall painting.  The camera on you would see the painting, pull up further info on Marc Chagall, and then project its findings on the wall via the projector you have on you.  Crazy?  We’re just warming up.

“Crazy” is when Dhondi showed us how this technology is already available.  His “wireless internet device” was the phone in his pocket.  Then he grabbed a standard internet camera and taped it around his torso with blue masking tape.  Then from a large box, he pulled out a bicycle helmet with a projector taped on top.  (I mean it was taped. It wasn’t going anywhere.)  Hilarious?  Yes.  Handy?  Well, you be the judge.  The less cumbersome version is on the video below.

Sixth Sense Technology

*Pics were taken of Dhondi wearing his “home-ec” version of the Sixth Sense Technology, and I will post them as soon as I receive them.  Stay tuned!


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