November: Chad

Chad gave a report that was as hilarious as it was over my head.  Let me begin by saying how happy we are that Chad has started coming!  This was his second report and it tied in to his hectic work week.  We’ve all had those, right?  Probably not like Chad’s, though, unless you are also a research biologist at a major university.  That said….

Chad and his department have to deal with the rigors of journal publication and peer review.  Using power point, he showed us just how much red tape is available to get tangled in while trying to submit an article for publication.  In addition to the staggering number of popular scientific journals, the peer review system is pretty wonky.

But the best part of his report was “the strongly worded letter” he received from another scientist after the publication of Chad’s article.  It is hard to describe what the letter said, so I will give you will a visual that captures the “heart” of it all:

Though I couldn’t say for sure, I think this is how Chad and his colleagues retaliated:

I can tell that Chad is going to add a whole new needed dimension to Report Night.


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