November: John

As John got his power point up and running, he told us why the topic he was about to share was near and dear to his heart.  In short, raising sons requires wisdom and tact in explaining the pressing issues of life.  One such issue: boxers or briefs.  The first-hand participants of November’s Report Night, though, did not receive the statement in the same mundane way You the Reader just did.  Imagine the next two things happening simultaneously:

1, “Boxers or Briefs” being spoken by John, and

2, John ripping off his blue snappy basketball pants like The Full Monty.  (In case you were wondering, there were boxers underneath–not briefs.  And long-johns underneath the boxers. )  This startling and hilarious introduction led into his researched history of men’s underwear–from cavemen in their fur to the scandal that made Joe Boxer the king of men’s underwear.  John always puts on a good show, and this report was no exception.

If you would like your very own pair of pants like John’s  for astonishing entrances (parties, work, blind dates, etc), you can buy them here.  (Apparently basketball players wear them, too.)


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